New Logo for Victoria University Taekwondo


Victoria University Taekwondo recently unveiled its new logo, designed by Keelin Bell, formerly of Blenheim Olympic Taekwondo.  Keelin is currently studying for his Bachelor of Design Degree at Victoria University.

The design was influenced by the narrative of Ngake and Whātaitai, taniwha of the Wellington Harbour, more so Whātaitai, who forms Mount Victoria today.  Their spirit is named Te Keo and ascends the heavens in the form of a bird.

Whātaitai and Te Keo represent perseverance, the determination to strive for the best, taking one step at a time; one of the five tenets of taekwondo.  Through training we are always upskilling ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, climbing the ladder towards success.

It never ceases to amaze the amount of talent there is within the TUNZ organisation.  Well done Keelin Bell!