Hi, All.   Re the WTNZ Election results announced at the Zoom AGM on Sunday, 28th March, 2021.  If you did not see the official WTNZ notification regarding the election, please see below:

President:  GM Jin Oh

Vice-President:  Kesi O’Neill

Secretary-General:  Darryl June

Treasurer:  Amanda Hight

Board Members:

Jamie Carpenter

Eric Choi

Joan Fountain

To keep up to date with everything related to WTNZ, please note their website: http://www.wtnz.org.nz  and their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/World-Taekwondo-New-Zealand-108140314706347  (please note if you ‘like’ the facebook page, you will receive updates and progress reports throughout the year that way).

Kind regards – Joan

Joan Fountain


Taekwondo Union of New Zealand