About The Taekwondo Union

Executive Council

President   Joan Fountain   Pohangina Taekwondo
Vice President   Kevin Elsmore   Arataki Taekwondo
Secretary   Sophia Haynes   Victoria University Taekwondo
Treasurer   Michelle Sim   Aparima Taekwondo
Committee Member   Yorick Neal   Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo
Committee Member   Ian McLisky   Victoria University Taekwondo
Committee Member   Michael (Mike) Murray   Tawa Taekwondo


Technical   Vijay Chhika   Capital City Taekwondo
Financial   Ken Glassenbury   Tigers Taekwondo
National   Darryl (DJ) June   Taekwondo Mananwatu
Tournaments   Mark Tester   Karori Taekwondo

Examinations Committee

Joan Fountain   Pohangina Taekwondo
Sophia Haynes   Victoria University Taekwondo

Social Media Committee

Alex Dinniss   Taekwondo Manawatu

Tournament Committee

Yorick Neal   Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo
Mark Tester   Karori Taekwondo
Ian McLisky   Victoria University Taekwondo
Kevin Elsmore   Arataki Taekwondo

Health and Safety Coordinator

Kevin Elsmore   Arataki Taekwondo

Poomsae Directors

Sophia Haynes   National Poomsae Director
Joan Fountain   Pohangina Taekwondo
Sean Freeman   Ashhurst Taekwondo
Chloe Ashdown   Pohangina Taekwondo
Sharon Knox   Capital City Taekwondo
Poh-Leng McLisky   Victoria University Taekwondo
Michelle Goh   Victoria University Taekwondo
Graeme Kettle   Pohangina Taekwondo
Andrea Jones   Pohangina Taekwondo
Rafael Neves   Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo
Mary Maravilla   Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo
Jocelyn (Joss) Ingram   Dunedin Simjang Taekwondo

WT International Referees

Vijay Chhika   Capital City Taekwondo
Angela Caldwell   New Plymouth Taekwondo
Sophia Haynes   Victoria University Taekwondo

The “mission” of the Taekwondo Union is to develop a quality martial arts and sporting organisation committed to, and recognised for, promoting WT Style Taekwondo in New Zealand.

The Taekwondo Union works towards:

  • Building a quality learning environment for members by utilising up to date taekwondo programmes, with competent instruction and sporting opportunities.
  • Providing a safe and caring training environment for all members, which promotes a holistic approach to training, which includes the achievement of physical health, harmony of mind and body, self-confidence and the ability to defend oneself.
  • Providing ongoing quality management training programmes with an emphasis on the professional management of the Union and its member clubs.
  • Providing training programmes with an emphasis on the promotion of formal qualifications including, instructor and referee certificates, colour belt and black belt grades.

The purpose of the Taekwondo Union is to:

  • Provide high quality services in training, sporting opportunities to all members of the Union.
  • Comply with the Human Rights Acts with regard to club membership, competitions and age requirements.
  • Develop a sense of belonging for all members in supportive caring ways, be sensitive and responsive to the uniqueness of each person’s needs and be responsive to a changing multi-cultural community.

The Taekwondo Union is committed to:

  • Equity – Providing significant learning, power sharing and success for those who have lacked such opportunities.
  • Identity – Creating an environment where people feel they belong because their uniqueness is valued and promoted.
  • Manaaki – Promoting and encouraging the sharing of views, learning and resources, where individual self-esteem (mana) and group harmony result from caring about one another.
  • Success – Being an effective organisation which leads in its field, demonstrating a clear sense of purpose and strives for excellence.
  • Responsiveness – Being flexible, creative and open to change, to better meet individual, organisational and environmental needs.

All goals and polices developed by the Taekwondo Union will be consistent with the constitution and mission statement of the Union. They will ensure the opportunity for all members to attain their optimum level of achievement as equal partners in training.

The Goals and Policies of the Taekwondo Union:

  • To provide a comprehensive range of high quality, accessible and appropriately recognised training and learning opportunities, which have been developed by consulting widely with relevant industry, occupational and other constituent groups.
  • To provide a high quality learning environment, including high quality instructors, safety and a range of training and learning services.
  • To actively promote equity in learning, training and competition opportunities.
  • To be accountable for the efficient and effective use of resources allocated.
  • To increase available resources.
  • To increase the number of members by 10% per year for the next five years.
  • To increase the number of clubs by two per year for the next five years.
  • To regularly monitor organisational performance and set goals for the future.
  • To provide accurate, relevant and up to date information about the Union and upcoming events.
  • To promote the martial art and sport of taekwondo to New Zealanders.
  • To organise seminars and tournaments within New Zealand.
  • To arrange for the participation of members in international taekwondo competitions and events.

The Taekwondo Union of New Zealand Constitution

The constitution can be downloaded here